Joey Chestnut Sets New Fish Taco Record With 30 Joey's Seafood Restaurants Fish Tacos In 5 Mins!

Let it be known that on August 7, 2014, Joey Chestnut—the #1-ranked eater in the world, the greatest eater who has ever lived, the reigning World Champion of Champions, Him—ate 30 Joey's Seafood Restaurants fish tacos in but five minutes to set a new World Record. Chestnut bested his previous effort of 23 Joey's Seafood Restaurants fish tacos, set in 2013. The new World Record haul sets a new benchmark in fish taco consumption and serves as a reminder that not all of God's children are created equally. Chestnut is not you or I. He is him. A lone beacon of will, power, strength and courage.

Chestnut chowed down at halftime of the Blue Bombers vs Roughriders CFL game, held at Winnipeg's Investor’s Group Field. Alongside Chestnut stood teams of four Riders fans and four Bomber fans, who ate collectively in tribute to their team. The Winnipeg fans prevailed in the Joey's All-Star eat-off; on the field, Bombers QB Drew Willy three threw interceptions to doom his team. (Blue Bombers fans know one thing: One this day Joey Chestnut > Drew Willy.)

Of course, asking to rename the city Joeypeg smacks of conceitedness and cultural insensitivity and MLE would never ask for such a thing. We love Winnipeg just the way it is. But you've got to admit, it's got a catchy ring to it. Joeypeg. Say it. Dream it. And then watch it float away on the wings of imagination, never to happen but in our hearts and minds.

Chestnut. Fish tacos. Thirty. Five minutes. That's all.

About Joey's
Calgary-based Joey’s is a pioneer and leader in the fast-casual seafood restaurant category in Canada. Its signature “Joey’s Famous Fish and Chips” has gained the company a North American reputation for preparing generous portions of high quality seafood at affordable prices. Each Joey’s embodies the vision of its founder, Joe Klassen—to serve great seafood in a cozy neighborhood seafood restaurant.

Annually, Joey’ serves more than 6.5 million guests system wide through its restaurants in Canada. Joey’s has been cooking with trans-fat free oil at all of its Canadian restaurants since 2005. This year, the company celebrated its 29th anniversary.

About Joey’s Urban
Opening its first restaurant in August 2011 in Calgary, AB., Joey’s Urban is a fun and exciting restaurant concept focused on quality, speed and flavour. Enjoy a menu mix that features Joey’s Fish Taco, Urban Gourmet Poutines and classic Chips n’ Fish. Bursting with popular flavours, Joey’s Urban embodies all things hip and current in the restaurant industry.