Chestnut Vs Stonie Rematch at World Slugburger Eating Championship

July 7th, 2014: Joey Chestnut, the top eater in the world and winner of the July 4th Hot Dog Eating Championship, is set to battle Matt Stonie at The World Slugburger Eating Championship. The contest will take place on Saturday, July 12th at 4:30 PM CST at the Corinth Depot in historic downtown Corinth, MS. The contest is a featured event of The Main Street Corinth Slugburger Festival, now in its 27th year.

“We are excited to welcome Joey and Matt and to present the third annual World Slugburger Eating Championship,” said Taylor Coombs, a director of the Main Street Corinth Mississippi Slugburger Festival. “Our annual gathering celebrates Corinth’s local culinary delight, the Slugburger. This unique ‘burger’ is a deep-fried beef and soy meal patty that once sold for a nickel - then called a slug - hence its name.”

Sanctioned by Major League Eating, the 10-minute contest will pit current slugburger champion, Matt Stonie, against the #1 ranked eater in the world. Last year, Stonie consumed 31 slugburgers in 10 minutes to defeat Joey Chestnut, set a new record and win the title of World Slugburger Eating Champion.

"Major League Eaters must dig deep to prevail in the Slugburger discipline," says MLE emcee Sam Barclay. "The slugburger patty—a gut-busting one-two punch of starch and protein—is the ultimate test of an eater's capacity. Victory in beautiful downtown Corinth, MS, is a hard-fought badge of honor."

In addition to bragging rights, competitors will vie for a cash purse that totals $3,000. For more information on the Main Street Corinth Slugburger Festival, which runs from Friday July 11 through Sunday July 13, is available here: