Bob Shoudt Takes Ben's Chili Title In Overtime Eat-Off!

After equalling the current world chili eating record of two gallons of Ben's Chili Bowl chili in six minutes*, two of MLE's greatest athletes squared off for an overtime eat-off: One bowl, first to finish, for all the marbles. Well, more marbles. At the end of regulation, Tim "Eater X" Janus, last year's winner, and "The Notorious BOB" Bob Shoudt stood tied at two gallons each. As the results were announced, the crowd knew what they were in for: An eat-off, the white whale of MLE events, so rare and so special that men and women have gone mad in search for it.

The 3rd Annual Ben’s Chili Bowl’s World Chili Eating Championship at The Taste of DC was on the line. And this eat-off was special. The rules were clear. One bowl—32oz, or one-quarter gallon—first to finish and first to clear. Bob beat X by a mouthful and cleared fast: The win was his. The Notorious BOB was very happy about this. Validation was his. So was $1,750 and a travel package prize courtesy of Apple Vacations valued at $7,500. And a cool trophy. And the adoration of the Taste of DC crowd, one of the most intelligent and good-looking crowds, frankly, on the MLE calendar. Single people, come to this event and find the one.

Two ladies—Ms Miki Sudo and Ms Sonya Thomas—rounded out the podium. Earlier in the day, Mr Ronnie Hartman took the military round of the 3rd Annual Ben’s Chili Bowl’s World Chili Eating Championship at The Taste of DC by eating half a gallon of chili one minute and 34 seconds. He ate to represent the army, alongside comrades in arms from all branches of our nation's armed services.

Ben's Chili Bowl recently celebrated its 55th anniversary. Major League Eating would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mrs Virginia Ali and the entire Ali family and Ben's team for their success. Their U Street eatery is the number-one attraction in the nation's capital, making that city's many museums and landmark buildings appear lame by comparison. Also, have you ever tried the food at the Smithsonian? Ain't no Ben's.

* This would be the fifth time in three years that MLE eaters have hit, but not bested, the 2 gallon-mark in six minutes. The Brown Ceiling, as it is known in competitive eating circles, remains unbroken, for now.

This contest took place at 3pm Eastern, on Saturday, October 12, 2013 at the Taste of DC Culinary Stage, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC!

1st - BOB Shoudt, 2 gallons in 6 mins, plus OT win
2nd - Eater X, 2 gallons
3rd - Miki Sudo, 1.687 gallons
4th - Sonya Thomas, 1.437 gallons
5th - Juliet Lee, 1.187 gallons
6th - Badlands Booker 1 gallon
7th - Micah Collins 0.812 gallons
8th - Yasir Salem and Big Brian Subich 0.75 gallons
10th - Wild Bill Myers 0.625 gallons
11th - Aaron 0.437 gallons
12th - Crazy Legs Conti, 0.375 gallons