The Megatoad Earns First Career Win Over Chestnut In Stockton!

Stonie downs Chestnut in the Deep-fried Asparagus discipline. World in shock.

Ali/Frazier. Burr/Hamilton. Aiken/Studdard. Add Megatoad/Jaws to the list of duels that are forever etched into the minds of Americans. And let it be known that on this day—Saturday April 27th, 2013—that Matthew "The Megatoad" Stonie landed the knockout, earning his first-ever victory over the World #1 Joey "Jaws" Chestnut. The Megatoad ate 9.5 lbs of deep-fried San Joaquin Valley asparagus to Joey's 8 lbs. The Great One was widely viewed by those present to have been "gracious in defeat," and that he "was very cool about it."

Whatever. Those who know Chestnut, those who have peered into his black eyes before a contest, those who have witnessed him achieve greatness at the table, know this loss cuts deeply. Stockton Asparagus is the event that made Chestnut a household name; the event at which he earned his first career Championship; the event he calls home. That "that Stonie kid" would come into him domain and take what is his amid his flock, well, that's fighting talk.

None could argue with the Megatoad's supremacy on the day. He ate with his trademark cleanliness and speed and lead throughout according to onlookers. In third-place was standout MLE new-comer, Miki Sudo, who finished only half a pound behind Chestnut with a haul of 7.5 lbs on debut at this event. Ms Sudo has the undivided attention of the eating community in the leadup to this year's July 4th Nathan's Famous event.

But the day belonged to Stonie. He picked up a weighty, smooth stone. He laid it gently in his slingshot. He took aim. And he fired.

History means nothing to a young heart. It's little more than a crutch on which old men lean for comfort while they fill the air and remaining days with tales of what they did and did not.

It was a bad day to be Goliath.