Winchell's World Donut Championship

The world’s finest competitive eaters will converge in Southern California this summer and fall for the Winchell’s World Donut Eating Championship. When the powered sugar settles, one individual will have earned the prestigious title of World Donut Eating Champion. A total of $2,500 in prize money will be awarded to winners.

The three-event series will be held at the San Diego County Fair on June 12, the Orange County Fair on July 10, and will culminate at the Los Angeles County Fair on September 15. The winners of the first two events will receive free travel and lodging to Los Angeles for the final contest.

The current world record is held by Eric “Badlands” Booker, who has consumed 48 donuts in eight minutes. This record, however, may well fall under an onslaught top national gurgitators.

Headquartered in Santa Ana, Winchell's Donut House, "Home of the Warm 'n Fresh Donut™," is the West Coast's largest donut chain with over 200 units in 12 states, plus locations in Guam, Saipan, New Zealand, and Saudi Arabia.

With more than 70 varieties of Warm 'n Fresh™ donuts and bakery products, Winchell's offers customers a diverse menu that includes: donuts, cinnamon rolls, muffins, bagels, croissants, brownies and cookies. Winchell's donuts feature top-grade fruit fillings, aromatic spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, bittersweet chocolate frosting and pure vegetable oil.

The Winchell’s World Donut Eating Championship is sanctioned by the IFOCE and the IFOCE will handle all registration. Those interested in more information and applications may email