Joey Chestnut Wins Another Major @Hooters in Clearwater! (revised)

As the party raged in West Florida last night, some results came through a tad bumpy. Here is the accurate report:

Joey Jaws Chestnut downed 144 Hooters wings in 10 minutes to win the 2012 Hooters Wing Eating Championship tonight in Clearwater, FL. As Coach Jon Gruden looked on, Jaws edged out Baton Rouge's Adrian Morgan who took second place with 140 Hooters Wings. Sonya The Black Widow secured 3rd with 131 Wings eaten.

"She was gorgeous in defeat," said MLE's Sam Barclay when asked about Brandee, a Hooters Girl who was Sonya's dedicated cheerleader.

Fourth place went to Glutton Force Five's cook not its plenipotentiary as originally reported. It was Pat Bertoletti with 120 wings eaten. Fifth place went to The Lovely Juliet Lee who ate 119. In sixth place was Gravy Brown (115 wings) who excitedly unveiled his new rib cage tattoo of Maroon Five lyrics. The Notorious B.O.B., admittedly more South Beach than Clearwater, ate 102.

Erik the Red downed 88.
Nasty Nate Biller downed 85.
Lewis Richards of the UK downed 55.
CLC 53.

The Daily Show's Aasiff Mandvi lost and lost badly, 21 Hooters Wings eaten.