Chestnut Crowned CP Biggest Eater in Bangkok, Sets New World Record


Joey Chestnut cemented World No. 1 status and smashed his previous world record by eating 390 CP Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes

World No.1 Female Eater Sonya Thomas proved to be no pushover, setting new female world record with 231 CP Shrimp Wontons eaten in 8 minutes

Ng Chin Sheng and Helen Tan from Singapore clinched inaugural Regional Male and Female Eating Champion titles in record-breaking feats

Bangkok, Thailand, February 2012 – The congregation of the region’s top biggest eating champions from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand, alongside top international professional eaters Joey “Jaws” Chestnut (World No. 1), Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti (World No.2), Tim “Eater X” Janus (World No. 3), Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas (World Female No. 1) and Juliet Lee (World Female No.2), took Bangkok and the world by storm on February 11th as they battled for inaugural regional biggest eating championship titles and new world biggest eating records. At the intense, adrenaline-pumping showdown held at Parc Paragon @ Siam Paragon in the heart of Bangkok, thousands of spectators witnessed the astonishing feat as Joey Chestnut forged a new world eating record with 390 CP Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes, while Ng Chin Sheng & Helen Tan from Singapore were crowned Asia Pacific’s First Regional Male and Female Eating Champions with 161 and 125 CP Shrimp Wontons respectively.

After five months of heated action witnessing breathtaking feats and record-breaking numbers accomplished across four countries, the top local male and female champions from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand showcased their eating prowess as they gathered on the same stage to vie for the title of CP Biggest Eater Competition Regional Grand Champions and an attractive grand prize of USD$3,000 cash. Of the eight fiercely competitive contenders, all eyes were on Ng Chin Sheng from Singapore and Thidathip Hadthai who led the pack with 140 and 115 CP Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes based on their scores during the CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-2012 Finals in Singapore and Bangkok respectively.

True to form, Ng Chin Sheng defeated his fellow competitors and broke his previous competition record with an impressive 161 shrimp wontons. Second place went to Chotiwit Niwatdechbordin from Thailand who trailed behind with 145 wontons, while Lam Yat Ming from Hong Kong rounded up the pack and took third place by devouring 144 shrimp wontons.

The local female champions also provided heart-stopping actions and demonstrated their vigour in downing phenomenal amounts of the delicious CP Shrimp Wontons. Surprising the crowd with her ferocious capabilities in eating, Helen Tan from Singapore swooped in unassumingly and clinched victory from her fierce Thailand competitor with an unbelievable amount of 125 wontons, setting a new amateur eating record. The top contender Thidathip Hadthai from Bangkok conceded second place with 117 wontons, while Nuchanart Chattiwaporn followed closely behind with 104 wontons in 8 minutes.

Following their individual appearances at the various CP Biggest Eater Competition stops across the region, the world’s top Major League Eaters gathered on the same stage for the first time and brought their spectacular skills to Bangkok as they devoured the CP Shrimp Wontons with fiery and relentless spirit over 8 minutes in the CP Biggest Eater Professional Eater Challenge. The crowd watched in awe and exploded in cheers as World No.1 Eater Joey Chestnut speedily edged out his competitors, eventually emerging victorious with 390 wontons consumed and setting a new world record. Trailing closely behind is Patrick Bertoletti who competed neck to neck against Joey Chestnut until the last minute, finally finishing off with 332 wontons. In third place was Eater X who consumed 315 wontons.

For the female professional eaters, Sonya Thomas defeated Juliet Lee and broke the previous female wonton eating record set by Juliet, with 231 wontons. Definitely a winner of the night as well, Juliet Lee broke her personal and female record and managed to consume 219 shrimp wontons in 8 minutes.

CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-2012, Asia Pacific’s first and largest regional eating competition is organised by CP Foods – Asia’s leading food brand and conglomerate under the Charoen Pokphand Group – as part of its continuous effort to initiate fun and innovative platforms to engage food enthusiasts and connect them through the universal ‘language’ of eating.

With an astounding 90,000 CP Shrimp Wontons consumed over the five months of competitive eating across the region, close to 1,500 participants from all four competition stops and an estimated USD$10,500 raised for Youth Projects Community Kitchen in Melbourne, Australia - a cause which provides health, outreach, education and training, and community and employment services to disadvantaged individuals - CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-2012 is undoubtedly a world-class platform that connects human beings across the world and drives the passion for food in new dimensions.

“The CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-2012 Grand Finale was ground-breaking in bringing the best to Asian consumers. I am delighted to be able to witness the birth of the region’s first male and female biggest eating champions, and literally, the jaw-dropping actions by the world’s top professional eaters. The competition was a huge success for CP Foods and we could not have achieved the amazing results if not for the tremendous support we received from people in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and of course, our home country, Thailand,” said Mr. Kosit Lohawatanakul, Head of Overseas Marketing of CP Foods. “We are very proud to have created an engaging platform for talents to thrive and pit their skills against some of the world’s best and most illustrious eaters, at the same time lending a hand to worthwhile causes in the region. Moving forward, keep a lookout for more excitement and surprises in store from CP Foods!”

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Professional Male Champions:
1st-Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, San Jose, CA, 390 CP Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes (New World Record)
2nd-Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti, Chicago, IL, 332
3rd-Tim “Eater X” Janus, New York, NY, 315

Professional Female Champions:
1st-Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas, Alexandria, VA, 231 CP Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes
2th-Juliet Lee, 219

Regional Male Champions:
1st-Ng Chin Sheng, Singapore, 161 CP Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes
2nd-Chotiwit Niwatdechbordin, Thailand, 145
3rd-Lam Yat Min, Hong Kong, 144
4th-Poonsak Muangnoicharoen, Thailand, 137
5th-Brad Stokes, Australia, 125
6th-Thitipan Seephaphankul, Thailand, 120
7th-Somboon Saelao, Thailand, 119

Regional Female Champions:
1st-Helen Tan, Singapore, 125 CP Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes
2nd-Thidathip Hadthai, Thailand, 117
3rd-Nuchanart Chattiwaporn, Thailand, 104
4th-Padcha Pornpatcharapong, Thailand, 73
5th-Natalie Chin, Hong Kong, 65
6th-Natthanan Charoendechakit, Thailand, 60
7th-Chiau Lin Lau, Australia, 44