Badlands Booker on Big Man Mentality, Cookie and the SB

Major League Eating recently caught up with Badlands Booker to chat about his new CD, Big Man Mentality, and more. Check it out on iTunes and follow Booker on twitter @badlandsbooker

MLE: How long did it take you to lay down all the tracks on the latest effort, Big Man Mentality?

Badlands: I started formulating song ideas for the Big Man Mentality CD around the spring of 2011. I uploaded around 30 beats (produced by my son Brandon aka ďOK Hip HopĒ) to my phone and vibed with them all summer long by writing and editing songs. By Labor Day Weekend, I was in the studio recording. By Halloween, the album was done.

MLE: What's the meaning of the title, Big Man Mentality?

Badlands: To live life on a grand scale is what it means to have a ďBig Man Mentality.Ē Think avant garde as opposed to bantam. Big men do big things! They have no choice! And Iím not necessary only talking about girth. To have a Big Man Mentality is to think big, dream big, walk, talk, live, love, party real big!

MLE: Where did you find Tots aka Crispyonthemic? Who are you, Dre?

Badlands: Lol! In May 2011, I was gearing up to participate in the Wild Carp Week Salt Potato Eating Championships up in Baldwinsville, NY (Syracuse area) and a week or two before the contest, Jason Bernhardt told me about a Syracuse MC who raps about potatoes. I was intrigued because Iíve never met a potato rapper before so I told him to give me a call. We kicked it over the phone, I heard his tracks online and it was all good! We planned to do something at the contest, but didnít get a chance to, so I handed him a beat CD and told him to vibe with it so we can make it happen next year. Soon after, he sends me a video spitting a hot verse over one of the beats. So I come up with my verse and the hook, take a trip back up to the ĎCuseĒ and Sack Oí Potaydahs was born. Since then we rocked the mic together at the Walk-Up radio comedy show & at last years National Buffalo Wing Festival!! You can check out Tots songs online at

MLE: Is this album meant to be listened to in one sitting or song-by-song?

Badlands: Although great track by track, the Big Man Mentality CD is meant to be enjoyed as a whole! Itís mixed in a way in which the songs merge into one another. Great for a nice road trip or a subway ride.

MLE: The "cheese eggs/Welchís grape" line, is that a tribute to Biggie or did it just fit into the ryhme?

Badlands: Iím definitely a huge fan of the late great Biggie Smalls. I molded my verse to fit that line in! Biggie Smalls is the ILLEST!!!

MLE: You doing any of the NOLA contests this year? Crawfish or Oysters? If so, will you perform?

Badlands: Definitely! Its been a while since Iíve done a NOLA event and plan on hitting the stage Rapping and Eating for fame in 2012!

MLE: How about Cookie, an old competitor of yours, and his weight loss?

Badlands: Cookie Jarvis is my brother from another mother. Heís always been an inspiration to me. He kept me on my toes when we did contests back in the day & now inspires me to trim down. If he can shed 200 plus pounds the hard way thru diet & exercise, then so can I! Heís presently my wellness coach, giving me tips on how to eat right and exercise and the extra motivation I need to stay ďHungry & FocusedĒ on my weight loss goals.

MLE: Who do you like in the Super Bowl
I think itís going to be another Pats & Giants matchup. Iím a Jets fan, but Iím pro New York so go Giants! Although, I like certain players from the Pats like my man #75 Vince Wilfork! Big man be doing his thing on the field! Word!!

{Editorís note: Badlands answered this question one day before the Championship games. Pats & Giants won and Wilfork was the difference against the Ravens.}