New Champions Crowned @ CP Biggest Eater Singapore Finals

Three of the world’s top Major League Eaters and Singapore’s finest eaters stunned hundreds of spectators at Orchard Central on Saturday, October 22nd as they delivered an intense, adrenalin-pumping afternoon of world-class eating competition. World #1-ranked female eater Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas, world #10-ranked Matt “megatoad” Stonie, world #20-ranked Crazy Legs Conti and Singapore’s top finalists pushed the first leg of the regional CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-12 off to a grand start as they went head on with one another in a jaw-dropping showdown that had the crowd roaring with enthusiasm and passion.

No doubt a climatic end to the intense competition, Matt Stonie emerged victorious in the CP Biggest Eater Professional Eater Challenge with 210 CP Shrimp Wontons, while Ng Chin Sheng and Helen Tan clinched the Singapore Male and Female Champion titles with 140 and 109 CP Shrimp Wontons, respectively.

In the highly anticipated CP Biggest Eater Professional Eater Challenge between Sonya Thomas, Matt Stonie and Crazy Legs Conti, the professionals devoured the CP Shrimp Wontons at a blistering pace over 8 minutes. The audience was kept on their toes as the world’s youngest professional eater Matt Stonie edged out Sonya Thomas and Crazy Legs Conti with 210 wontons consumed. Sonya Thomas finished after Matt Stonie’s heels with 130 wontons eaten, while Crazy Legs Conti finished with 115 wontons.

The top 22 local male finalists proved to be impressive as they put up a great fight for the title of the Singapore Male Champion. In the end, last year’s winner Ng Chin Sheng blazed ahead of stiff competition and broke the natonal record with 140 wontons, 25 wontons more than last year’s achievement of 115. Second place went to See Boon Long, who trailed Chin Sheng by a mere eight wontons behind at 132, while Wee Teck Hong took third place with 125 wontons.

The female finalists round also provided non-stop action when Helen Tan, a complete unknown in the world of competitive eating, wowed the crowd with her rhythm as she consumed an unbelievable amount of 109 wontons (setting a new local eating record for females). Maria Koh, champion of CP Biggest Eater Competition 2010 conceded second place with 80 wontons, while Honey Tan followed closely behind with 68 wontons.

Ng Chin Sheng and Helen Tan each walked away with USD $2,000 and a trip for two to Bangkok, Thailand. The newly-minted champions will represent Singapore at the CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-2012 Regional Grand Finale in Bangkok on February 11, 2012 to vie with other male and female local champions from Australia, Hong Kong, and Thailand for USD $3,000 cash prizes each and the honor of being crowned the first ever CP Biggest Eater Regional Grand Champions.

“The Singapore Finals has been a phenomenal start to the CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-2012, which will be proceeding to Melbourne, Hong Kong, and Bangkok in search of the first ever Regional Champions in Asia Pacific,” said Joyce Yap, Assistant Vice President of Charoen Pokphand Intertrade Singapore Pte Ltd. “We are very impressed by the new records that have been set by the Singaporean champions, and the support from the public has been inspiring and overwhelming. We look forward to Chin Sheng and Helen representing Singapore at the Grand Finale in Bangkok next year, and wish them all the best as they take the stage in the largest competitive eating sporting event in Asia Pacific! And hopefully, they will do us proud by bringing back the regional titles.”

CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-2012, Asia Pacific’s first and largest regional eating competition, spanning across Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand, is organised by CP Foods – Asia’s leading food brand and conglomerate under the Charoen Pokphand Group – as part of its continuous effort to initiate fun and innovative platforms to engage food enthusiasts and connect them through the universal ‘language’ of eating. Major League Eating is sending at least three of its star gurgitators to each leg of the trip. Eaters include Joey Chestnut, Pat Bertoletti, Eater X, Sonya Thomas, Matt Stonie, Erik Denmark, Sonya Thomas and Crazy Legs Conti.

“Eating is a shared passion that connects people together. In addition to giving the public an opportunity to witness the excitement of a world-class competitive eating contest live, the CP Biggest Eater Competition helps participants to forge new relationships and gain wonderful experiences. It has also provided a platform for talents to thrive and pit their skills against some of the world’s best and most illustrious eaters,” said Joyce Yap.

The next stop of the CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-12 is in Melbourne on November 19, 2011, where the Australian competitors will have their work cut out in beating the records set by the Singaporean eaters. Visit for more information on the CP Biggest Eater Competition 2011-2012.


1-Matt “Megatoad” Stonie - 210 CP Foods Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes
2-Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas - 130 wontons
3-Crazy Legs Conti - 115 wontons

Top 3 Local Male Eaters:
Top 3 Local Male Eaters:
1-Ng Chin Sheng - 140 CP Foods Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes (USD $2,000)
2-See Boon Long - 132 wontons (USD $700)
3-Wee Teck Hong - 125 wontons (USD $500)

Top 3 Local Female Eaters:
1-Helen Tan - 109 CP Foods Shrimp Wontons in 8 minutes (USD $2,000)
2-Maria Koh - 80 wontons (USD $700)
3-Honey Tan - 68 wontons (USD $500)