MLE Finally Fast Enough for JJ's at Mile High Music Fest

The Jimmy John's Freaky Fast Sandwich Makers finally met their match at Denver's Mile High Music Festival, suffering their first ever loss at the hands of Team MLE - 25.5 sandwiches eaten to 25 made. Up until Saturday, Jimmy John's had reigned supreme over any and all Major League Eating teams assembled to face the fastest sandwich makers in the world. However, it all changed when Jimmy John's Freaky Fast veterans Pat Bertoletti and Gravy Brown teamed up with Denver's own Bryan "Big Sexy" Beard and promptly left with the JJ's Championship Belts.

The 5-minute contest featured JJ's Freaky Fast team preparing the sandwiches using only the freshest ingredients in assembly-line style. The sandwiches are shuttled over to Team MLE to see who is faster at their respective craft. With seconds remaining, Bertoletti was able to enjoy one final bite lifting the Major League Eaters to victory. Several pundits are saying the high altitude aided the Major League Eaters in the victory.

An immediate rematch has been issued by Jimmy John's (and accepted by MLE) for Dallas, TX on October 2nd.