Boone over Lerman, Sankov

Dale Boone won the second annual Broadway at the Beach Ultimate Eating Tournament on Sunday, April 25, besting Don Moses Lerman, Collard Green, Pavel Sankov, Don Schaefer, Jeff Mayshe and other top regional eaters.

Boone won all but one of the five two-minute rounds, throwing strategy to the wind in a dramatic display of both speed and capacity. The elimination tournament slowly reduced the field of eaters, leaving just Lerman and Boone at the table.

Boone's legendary distemper, considered a competitive advantage and distinct social liability, seemed somewhat subdued, perhaps because the ninth generation descendant of Daniel Boone was competiting in his home region, the southeast.

The Atlanta resident and Hindo-language television producer strutted throughout the arena in his coonskin cap, slamming the table after each victory. His shreiks incited the crowd and seemed to propell him to victory.

In an emotional moment, Boone dedicated his win to Christine Lane, the sister-in-law of fellow Competitor Collard Green. Lane is fighting an illness, but cheered on Green and Boone with enegertic fervor.

Broadway at the Beach, the venue for the event, is considered the most dynamic shopping and entertainment center in Myrtle Beach and South Carolina.