Chestnut Beats Team of Five in Pepto Ice Cream Battle

Joey Chestnut fought off a field of five challengers eating as a team at the Pepto Bismol Ice Cream Eating Contest in Austin, TX. Chestnut downed 1.25 gallons of vanilla ice cream in five minutes while the team of Austinites ate a combined 1 gallon.

This is the second time in the Pepto Bismol Summer Food Festival Tour that Chestnut has beaten a field of five challengers. He was not expected to win in ice cream, which was a short, five-minute event, and one that eating afficionados thought would be easy for contenders.

Chestnut ignored brain freeze and ploughed through a bucket of ice cream which started out very solid, but which became very soupy around the edges under the 100-degree Austin sun. Members of the crowd remarked that he seemed as comfortable negotiating the solid ice cream as he did with the soupy ice cream.

Next stop, San Francisco Street Food Festival on August 21.