Joey Chestnut Hits the Road with Pepto-Bismol to Challenge Locals this Summer

Pepto-Bismol® Sponsors Tour to Remind Consumers that the Stomach Aid Has Them Covered This Summer

Pepto-Bismol, the "un"-official stomach remedy of summer, has announced a partnership with 2010 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Champion Joey Chestnut that will send the competitive eater on the road this summer.

"Americans love to celebrate summer by getting together and enjoying food with friends, but sometimes the enjoyment of summer leads to eating just one too many," said Nathan Fox, Pepto-Bismol Brand Manager. "With the help of Joey and his love of food, we are reminding consumers to think of Pepto-Bismol* as they head out to their local summer festival."

Beginning in August, Pepto-Bismol will host eating competitions between Chestnut and a team of five challengers who think they have the skills to out-eat the reigning champion on the main stages of local food festivals around the country including:

Bite of Oregon (Aug. 6 – 7, 2010)
Austin Ice Cream Festival (Aug. 14, 2010)
San Francisco Street Food Festival (Aug. 21, 2010)
Buffalo Wing Festival (Sept. 4 – 5, 2010)

Not only will the team of challengers walk away with bragging rights if they're able to conquer Chestnut, they will also win the "Pepto Cup" trophy, a year's supply of Pepto-Bismol and $100.00 each.

"I love food, and not surprisingly, I often suffer from stomach upsets when I overeat in general, let alone when I'm competing," says Chestnut. "As a competitive eater, I'm trained to avoid and alleviate stomach upsets, and you can bet I'll be packing my Pepto."

Those hungry enough to challenge Chestnut can stop by the Pepto-Bismol booths at the local festivals and enter for a chance to take on the title-holder. Chestnut will be on-site to share his insider knowledge that leads him to victory time and time again – including how he stays clear of inevitable stomach upsets.

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