Chestnut Makes it Six Straight at Chinook Winds

Just a week after capturing his fourth straight July 4th hot dog eating championship, Joey Chestnut ate 9.5 lbs of ribs at Chinook Winds to win his sixth consecutive title at Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon.

Like in past years, the event headlined the Smokin' at the Ocean BBQ & Brewfest that took place over the weekend at Chinook Winds. They say "It's Better at the Beach" at Chinook Winds and Chestnut can certainly attest to those words as he shattered his previous Chinook Winds Rib Eating record of 8.8 lbs on Sunday.

Many had wondered if this would be the year that the world's best eater relinquished his Chinook Winds Rib Eating Title since the field featured #4-ranked Pat Bertoletti and #7-ranked rookie Ben Monson. Both Bertoletti and Monson have beaten Chestnut over the past year.

At the end though, the belt went to the Champ and the rest of the world will have to wait another year to try and put a stop to Chestnut's streak at Chinook Winds.

1-Joey Chestnut - 9.5 lbs ribs eaten in 12 minutes - $1,500
2-Pat Bertoletti - 8.5 lbs - $750
3-Ben Monson - 7.65 lbs - $500
4-Erik Denmark - 5.5 lbs
5-Ryan McKillop - 4.5 lbs
6-Jason Erb - 3.65 lbs
7-Jason Williams - 3.35 (top-4 finisher from Saturday's amateur event)
8-Cameron McKirdy - 3.05 lbs
9-Andrew McKirdy - 3.0 lbs
10-Ryan Rodacker - 2.95 lbs
11-Phil Zerda - 2.9 lbs (top-4 finisher from Saturday's amateur event)
12-Gary Dennis - 2.35 lbs (top-4 finisher from Saturday's amateur event)
13-Chris Scott - 2.15 lbs (top-4 finisher from Saturday's amateur event)