Sweet Corn Record Expected to Fall

The competitive eating community is buzzing over the caliber of eaters attending the 2004 Sweet Corn Fiesta -- and most expect a dramatic new record. One source speculated that both Joe LaRue and Cookie Jarvis could eat 50 percent more than last year's 21 ears in 12 minutes.

And former world champion Ed "The Animal" Krachie is making noises about getting back into the eating game. This man, a pioneer who was eating 22 1/2 hot dogs and buns a decade ago, is expected at the corn bout. Krachie can never be counted out, even when rusty.

The exciting roster will also include Ray "The Bison" Meduna, sweet- and meat-eating specialist from Seattle. Meduna is traveling all the way from northern Washington for this event. Michael Parish, Allen Knight and Masha Fernandez will also attend. Knight and Fernandez are veterans of Footy's Y-100 Wing Ding and their chicken wing eating prowess is considerable.

"It is unfair to characterize the current record of 21 ears in 12 minutes as 'weak' or 'anemic,'" said one attendee of the 2003 event. "But this year's event boasts a collection of true talent -- Florida fans are excited to see top eaters."