Chestnut and Bertoletti to Unify Pizza Eating Titles at Pizza Hut Chow-Lenge

The controversy over who is the world pizza-eating champion will finally be resolved on June 5, when Joey “Jaws” Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti, two of the world’s top eaters who both hold pizza titles, face off over their favorite14-inch pizzas at The Pizza Hut® Chow-lenge.

Chestnut, the number-one-ranked eater in the world who last year set the world record in hot dogs and buns (68 in 10 minutes), holds the world pizza eating title in the 14-inch category (45 slices). Bertoletti, ranked number four, holds two different pizza-eating titles: the monster 24-inch pizza (seven and one half slices) and the 16-inch pizza (47 slices). Bertoletti is from Chicago and he is known in eating circles as "Deep Dish."

“The existence of multiple titles has caused confusion within the world of sports, making it impossible for fans to identify the true pizza-eating champion of the world,” said Chris Fuller of Pizza Hut. “This event is designed to settle the matter once and for all with Pizza Hut®, the pizza favorite.”

“In terms of sports history, this stands alongside Mike Tyson’s reunification of the heavyweight boxing titles in 1987,” said George Shea, chairman of Major League Eating. “It will be interesting to see how both eaters deal with the robust flavor of the pizza as well. Some are saying it will distract the eaters from the task at hand – they may slow down to enjoy each bite.”

The Pizza Hut® Chow-lenge is a 10-minute all-you-can-eat event that will take place in Sony Studios; portions of the contest will be broadcast on the Spike TV Guys Choice awards airing June 20 at 10:00 pm.

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