Doctors Declare Jarvis Cancer Free

Add another victory to the trademark trench coat -- Cookie Jarvis was declared cancer free today after treatment for thyroid cancer.

Jarvis, the former number-one-ranked eater in the world and a multiple world record-holder, was diagnosed with cancer in early 2010. Jarvis quickly assembled a team of top physicians and focused on treatment.

After surgery to remove the thyroid and subsequent radiation treatment, Jarvis went in for a full body scan to reveal if there were any remaining cancer cells in his body. There were not.

"I never doubted his victory in this battle," said MLE president Richard Shea. "I was with him at Easter Feaster in the old days and I soon learned that he was a scrapper. Jarvis likes a challenge."

Jarvis, who is considered by most to be a lock for the hall of fame, will be checked again in six months. Doctors are confident.

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