Chicken Wing-Eating Contest: LaRue

Jammin' Joe LaRue sent a loud message to the world of competitive eating at the Footy's Y-100 Wing Ding in Miami by eating 124 buffalo chicken wings in 12 minutes. LaRue, the darling of South Florida, came just 10 chicken wings shy of the chicken wing eating world record, set by Cookie Jarvis.

LaRue, an eater of enormous physical stature, upped his position among gurgitators with this performance. He will immediately test his new-found dominance against Cookie Jarvis, Ed Krachie and Michael Parish at the Swert Corn Fiesta in palm Beach.

LaRue is considered a real challenge to the number-two-ranked Jarvis, who will be jet-lagged at the corn event. LaRue is also thought to be better able to compete in the heat.

The Footy's Y-100 Wing Ding chicken wing eating contest, which qualifies LaRue for the world championship event at the National Buffalo Wing Festival on Labor Day, was overseen by Footy, Dan Marino and IFOCE play-by-play man Ryan Nerz, who moves on to handicap asparagus in California.