Ben Monson: "I will truly turn heads this year."

MLE checked-in with rookie phenom Ben Monson as he prepares to make his first start in 2010 this Wednesday in Palm Beach Gardens:

You'll be competing in the $10K TooJay's Corned Beef World Championship on St. Pat's Day along with Joey, Pat, Bob Shoudt, Sonya and other top-ranked eaters. How do you think you'll stack up?
It is going to be a very close competition and I really think any one of us can take 1st.

In December, you became the world flauta-eating champion in San Diego. Were you surprised you beat Joey so handedly?
Yes, as I realized that I was so far ahead by the second plate my adrenaline soared. I was amazed to do so well against one of the best, if not the best eater in the world.

What are your thoughts as you start your first full MLE Season?
I am very excited to be already able to achieve such results at the beginning of my professional eating career. I believe I will truly turn heads this year.

The Nathan's Circuit will be announced soon. What can we expect from you on the Nathan's stage this year?
I'm going for the coveted number 1 spot! And believe me I will be a top contender.