36 Dozen Oysters/10 Mins

The world record for oyster eating fell hard at the 2004 Acme Oyster Eating Contest at New Orleans' French Quarter Festival. Sonya Thomas doubled the previous world record by downing 432 molusks in 10 minutes.

Thomas, who will compete next in deep fried asparagus in Stockton, CA, beat Eric Badlands Booker, who consumed 25 dozen during the event. Atlanta's Ken Tittle came in third.

Booker's amazing performance paled agaisnt the numbers notched by Thomas, who has been on a tear during the past six months. Her only loss, a squeaker, came to Cookie Jarvis at the Hooter's Chicken Wing Eating Title Match in January. Thomas and Jarvis will face off at the asparagus event and fans expect nothing less than drama.

The crowd of 1,500 at the Acme contest went wild when it became aparent that they were witnessing history. Former champion Boyd Bulot was not able to attend to defend his victory. Can he come back next year and eat 433?