Bertoletti King of Cake @ Showboat on Fat Tuesday

"Today was Pat's day."
-Bob Shoudt, Fat Tuesday 2010, Showboat Casino

Pat Bertoletti hopped a plane from Chicago to AC Mardi Gras morning on a mission to end Bob Shoudt's recent domination of the MLE Circuit and did he ever. "Deep Dish" ate 14 king cakes (10.5 pounds) at Showboat Casino to win and become the Fat Tuesday World King Cake Champion. Bertoletti won $2,500 while establishing a record in the first-ever sanctioned event featuring the Mardi Gras delicacy.

In second place was fan favorite "The Black Widow" Sonya Thomas with 10.5 king cakes followed by The former Mr. Humble, Bob Shoudt, in third place with 9.5 king cakes.

'09 Showboat Crawfish Champion US Male ate 6 king cakes as he saw his bid for back-to-back upset wins fall short.

1-Pat Bertletti - $2,500 - 14 king cakes in 8 minutes (10.5 lbs)
2-Sonya Thomas - $1,000 - 10.5 king cakes
3-Bob Shoudt - $500 - 9 king cakes
T4-Sean Gordon - 6.5 king cakes
T4-Micah Collins - 6.5 king cakes
T6-US Male Goldstein - 6 king cakes
T6-Juliet Lee - 6 king cakes
8-Pete Davekos - 5.5 king cakes