Notorious B.O.B. Picks-Up Where He Left Off

Major League Eating kicked off its 2010 season from the Isle Casino Biloxi Saturday afternoon and although the discipline was new, the result was not. Bob Shoudt, the former Mr. Humble now Notorious B.O.B., captured the World Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich Eating Championship on the King's 75th B-day Weekend.

Shoudt ate 36 PB&B sandwiches in 10-minutes of MLE-sanctioned competition to win $2,000. B.O.B. bested a star-studded field at the Isle by an impressive margin--Eater X finished in 2nd place with 27 sandwiches eaten.

Shoudt has won 8 times since September 2009 continuing his torrid pace into the young 2010 season.

Prior to the contest, Beautiful Brian serenaded the Isle Biloxi crowd with a three-song set dedicated to The King.


1-"Notorious B.O.B." Bob Shoudt - 36 sandwiches in 10 mins ($2,000)
2-"Eater X" Tim Janus - 27 ($1,200)
3-Eric "Badlands" Booker - 24.5 ($800)
4-Erik "the Red" Denmark - 23.5 ($600)
5-Micah "Wing Kong" Collins - 19.5 ($400)
6-Crazy Legs Conti - 19
7-Adrian Morgan - 18.5
8-Buffalo Jim Reeves - 17.5
9-Nasty Nathan Biller - 15
10-Super Paul Barlow - 9
11-Damien Boykin - 9
12-Beautiful Brian Seiken - 7
13-Anita "The Pita" Jones - 3