Shoudt Super in Salmon

Robert Shoudt, a married male from the suburbs of Philadelphia, ate more than 2.4 gallons of chowder to win the first officially sanctioned salmon chowder eating contest and claim the title of Slammin' Salmon Champion.

Shoudt barely edged out his nemesis, NYC's Eater X, in the contest that occurred today at City Crab in New York City. The event supports the Dec. 11th release of The Slammin' Salmon movie, the newest Broken Lizard film starring Michael Clarke Duncan. MCD served as honorary judge during the contest while the Lizards coached up the amateurs to no avail.

Full Results

1-Shoudt, R - 312 oz (9.75 32 oz. bowls* in six minutes) - $1,000
2-X, Eater - 304 oz - $650
3-Booker, Badlands - 184 oz - $500
4-Conti, Crazy Legs - 144 oz - $250
5-Goldstein, Allen - 104 oz - $100
6-Rose, Dave (a) - 72 oz
7-Lynch, Hayden (a) - 48 oz
8-Copelev, Iran (a) - 32 oz

*The bowls the competitors ate from were 64 oz in capacity and each filled w/32oz of salmon chowder.