Moving Past Tiger, MLE focus is on Salmon

Major League Eating is officially moving on from the week's tabloid news and putting its entire focus on today's Slammin' Salmon Chowder Eating Championship.

The event will pit New York-based professionals against a number of amateur eaters. It will be a six-minute salmon chowder competition and will take place during lunch time at the venerable City Crab on lower Park Avenue in Manhattan.

George Shea will serve as event M.C. Badlands Booker is expected to unveil his new rap song "Omega 3."

"Gotta get me some good fat, some essential oils/
To the best chowder eater will go the spoils/
Fat's unsaturated, fat's unregulated/
Leave Tiger alone man that story's dated/
Salmon's the number one source of Omega 3/
It comes in other fishes so feed them to me/
like herring, mackeral and anchovies/
eat 'em to improve hydrophilic properties"