Chestnut wins Martorano's Masters!

In a star-studded affair from Martorano's at the Rio, Joey Chestnut ate 50 meatballs in 10-minutes to win the first-ever Martorano's Masters Meatball Eating Championship. Pat Bertoletti was just one off Chestnut's pace eating 49 for second place. The Black Widow took third place after eating 42 Martorano's world-class meatballs and rookie upstart Ben Monson ate 38 to round out the money winners.

Martorano's was standing room only for the contest that had competitors using utensils-only to show cook/owner Steve Martorano's meatballs the respect they deserve.

Coming out of retirement with wife Carlene cheering from the front row, Rich LeFevre finished in sixth place after eating 33 meatballs. Playboy cover model and one of Maxim's 50 Most Sexiest Women, Angelica Bridges ate 10 meatballs in her Major League Eating debut.

Full Results
Joey Chestnut - 50 two-ounce meatballs in 10 minutes ($1,500)
Pat Bertoletti - 49 ($750)
Sonya Thomas - 42 ($500)
Ben Monson - 38 ($250)
Badlands Booker - 33.5
Rich LeFevre - 33
Ron Koch - 30
Damon Wells - 28
Ryan McKillop - 23
Jason Erb - 20
El Toro - 16
Angelica Bridges - 10