Eater X delivers on Halloween -- Wins Billy Sims BBQ Title

In what many saw as a fitting win on Halloween night, the masked MLE Champion, "Eater X" Tim Janus won the 1st Annual Billy Sims BBQ Rib-Eating Title outside Oklahoma University's Memorial Stadium in Norman, OK. X ate 4lbs 7oz of the fall-off-the-bone Billy Sims ribs in the 8-minuted contest before a packed OU Homecoming FanFest crowd. While the $750 cash prize was nice, the Championship Belt, passed to X by Billy Sims himself, was every bit as rewarding.

19th-ranked "Nasty" Nate Biller took 2nd in the pro division with 3lbs 1oz with Nic Fry seeing action for the first time in '09 eating 2lbs 1oz for 3rd place in the pro division.

On the Amateur front Steve-O Ramirez, half of the father-son team at the Billy Sims table, took home the belt after eating an impressive 2lbs 14oz in 8 minutes.

After the winners were announced, Billy Sims donned the mic and left the OU crowd with a few of his famous "BOO-MER" chants. The winning didn't stop at the MLE table as OU defeated Kansas State in their Homecoming game 42-30.

1-Eater X Tim Janus - 4lbs 7oz in 8 mins
2-Nasty Nate Biller - 3lbs 1oz
3-Nic Fry - 2lbs 1oz
4-Steve Ramirez - 1lb 6 oz
1-Steve-O Ramirez - 2lbs 14oz
2-Greg Tate - 2lbs 3oz
3-Troy Cox - 2lbs 2oz
4-Michael Johannins - 2lb 1oz
5-Matt Fields - 1lb 8oz

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