Kobayashi Regains Krystal Crown

On a beautiful day in Chattanooga, Takeru Kobayashi set a new
"no dunking" world record and won the 2009 Krystal Square Off in a convincing fashion.

The Japanese eating phenom, who hadn't won a Major in nearly three years on the MLE circuit, delivered a convincing performance with a total of 93 Krystal points in eight minutes (68 Krystals and five Big Angus burgers). Joey Chestnut placed second with 81, and Pat Bertoletti took third with 76. Robert Shoudt, a man who had a very sucessful September, placed fourth with 71 Krystals.

Jammin Joe LaRue, former corn eating champion of the world, attended the event and somehow made it on stage for the Sackful Challenge, which he and his partner Cindy won.

Other results:

Sonya Thomas, 5th place, 65 Krystals
Hall Hunt, 6th place, 60 Krystals
Eater X, 7th place,59 Krystals
Erik The Red, 8th place,58 Krystals
Gravy Brown, 9th place, 52 Krystals
Jim Reeves, 10th place, 50 Krystals
Badlands Booker, 11th place, 47 Krystals
Tyler Keys, 12th place, 8 Krystals