Jarvis, Justice, Hardy in Corned Beef

Ed Cookie Jarvis added another title to his trench coat by eating a total of six pounds of Corned Beef and Cabbage to beat a field of 12 gurgitators at the 2004 J. Freirich Company St. Patrick.s Day Competition at Moran.s Restaurant in New York City.

Leon Justice Feingold placed second with an impressive four pounds three ounces of corned beef and cabbage in the 10-minute event, while Hungry Charles Hardy took third with four pounds two ounces.

Beautiful Brian Sieken consumed a nibble over four pounds as Krazy Kevin Lipsitz, who prepared for the event by sniffing corned beef with his dogs in the morning for two weeks, notched approximately three pounds. Badlands Booker, Don Lerman, Crazy Legs Conti and Allan Goldstein also performed remarkably well.

Rookie eaters included Timothy Holden, Justin Salkind and Timothy Janus. The 10-minute all-you-can-eat contest, held at Moran.s Restaurant at 146 10th Avenue at 19th Street in Manhattan, favored the volume eater.

The J. Freirich Company, known as the Taste of New York, is an 80-year young family owned and managed meat processing company headquartered in Long Island City, New York. The company has extraordinary loyalty among its corned beef customers and enjoys more than 40 percent market share in the New York City metro market and other areas of distribution.

After fielding media interviews, top finishers raised a pint of stout and saluted Jarvis with song. .He.s been a Gurgitator for many a year, he beat us bad fair and square so let.s have a beer. He holds many titles including corned beef, to look at his trophy room you.d think he.s a thief.. This was the actual song they sang or we would not have reported it.