Krystal Big A - 9 seconds

Earlier today, Pat Bertoletti put a Krystal Big Angus Burger down in just nine (9) seconds time. One Big A is worth five Krystals on the circuit this year and this time trial was an exhibit of leapfrogging that will likely get the attention of eaters and fans alike.

Bertoletti's benchmark was recorded in Chattanooga during the Friday festivities surrounding the kick-off weekend for KSO VI.

An earlier Twitter post from @rpshea that speculated on an over/under number of 61 for Humble Bob this year was perhaps was too conservative. While dunking will play a role it's not entirely certain the numbers will fall.

MLE's George Shea is in Chattanooga for the kick off weekend. Wild Bill is driving to Tennessee from Pennsylvania and anticipates significant summer traffic.