Road Report: Minneapolis

Eater X bested an impressive field to win the Valleyfair World Funnel Cake Eating Championship on Saturday. X downed nearly 6 pounds--5.68 to be exact-- in the ten minute contest on his way to the victory and $1,750. Second place went to Hall "Hoover" Hunt who ate 4.97 lbs and took $1,250 with him back to Jacksonville.

Rounding out the money winners was "Humble" Bob Shoudt with 4.075 lbs and Erik "The Red" Denmark with 3.844 lbs. Gravy Brown, under the black face paint and donning the alter ego "Eater Y", ate 3.575 lbs to fall just short of the money and place 5th.

In an event that featured 5 of the top 15 eaters in the world in addition to impressive rookies trying to make their mark on the MLE Circuit, the competition was fierce at the top of the pack as expected. In the end, though, an unmasked Eater X able to cross his arms in victory for the Valleyfair fans.

1-“Eater X” Tim Janus - 5.68 lbs ($1,750)
2-Hall “Hoover” Hunt – 4.97 lbs ($1,250)
3-“Humble” Bob Shoudt – 4.075 lbs ($750)
4-Erik “The Red” Denmark - 3.844 lbs ($500)
5-Tim “Gravy” Brown - 3.575 lbs
6-Bryan Beard – 2.77 lbs
7-Jon Lapolla – 2.2878 lbs
8-David Herem - 2.223 lbs
9-Steve Ramirez – 1.9385 lbs
10-Adam Sieth – 1.3481 lbs
11-Peter Harem - 1.2778 lbs
12-Nathan Hansen – 1.12 lbs
13-Andrew Carlson - 1.045 lbs
14-Amy Asafly - .6056 lbs
15-Kevin Mcelderry - .5875 lbs
16-Julie Dey - .414 lbs