All Carb Break

For the first weekend in more than 12 weekends, Major League Eating is not holding an event. Not today, not tomorrow and not Sunday. It’s the middle of summer so is asking a few figures within the eating community how they’ll spend the down time. Some thoughts below, the list will be updated.

"Diving for abalone* in the pacific. Psyched to have some time off." - Joey Chestnut

"I'm going home to Connecticut to get a tooth fixed, chipped a molar on some candy. No joke." - Eater X

“Hang with the fam, eat some salad and probably watch a little Krystal tape.” – Bob Shoudt

“Soccer tournament, two barbecues, much cavorting.” – A. Ryan Nerz

"Kids at pool then a long swim in the ocean." - Wing Kong

“Karaoke.” – Nate Biller

"Camping on the Columbia River. Beer." - Erik The Red

"Got a reunion at Bryn Mawr. Hopefully a pick up game with some of the girls." - Helen Haggerty

* Banned to commercial fishing, abalone are mollusks in the family Haliotidae and the genus Haliotis.