Krystal Square Off Date Announced

Date Announced for the 2009 World Hamburger Eating Championship

Krystal Square Off VI World Hamburger Eating Championship Slated for
September 27, 2009

Two New Rule Changes to Come

The world’s top competitive eaters now know when they’ll square off
for the title of World Hamburger Eating Champion, but what they may
not know is that some major changes are in the works.

Announced today, the Krystal Square Off VI World Hamburger Eating Championship will be held on September 27, 2009. The championship event, which last year featured the largest cash purse in competitive eating history and saw Joey Chestnut repeat as champion while Takeru Kobayashi finished in a disappointing third, will once again be held along the banks of the Tennessee River in downtown Chattanooga, Tenn.

It has been speculated by many on the circuit that Krystal has been scrutinizing the Krystal Square Off rules during the off-season, and Krystal can confirm today that two new major rule changes will be introduced prior to the start of this year’s competition. One of the changes, which is still being fully deliberated with officials at Major League Eating, will be designed to limit “detritus” during contests, a major concern after several controversial finishes last season.

As for the other change, Brad Wahl, the vice president of marketing at The Krystal Company, shared, “Let’s just say it’s a really big change; one that will make this year’s competition the most exciting in the six-year history of the Krystal Square Off. Much like the way the three-point shot revolutionized the game of basketball, this new rule will drastically alter the way eaters approach our contest from a strategic level.”

“I recognize that fans begin to focus on the Krystal Square Off at this time of year, but it would be inappropriate to comment on any future changes since none have been formally discussed or approved at the sponsor or league level,” said Richard Shea, president of Major League Eating. “Having hosted a controversial event last year, I do understand the desire to limit confusion in judging, especially considering how coveted the Krystal Square Off title is.”

Krystal will once again host a qualifying circuit for Krystal Square Off VI throughout the southern United States. Details for the 2009 Krystal Square Off VI Qualifying Tour and World Hamburger-Eating Championship will be announced shortly, along with what is sure to be another impressive cash purse for Krystal Square Off VI. Info at