Ross & Subich No Scylla & Charybdis

There’s an Aesopic credo that advises “Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything.” Pete Davekos, while Greek, thinks Aesop was a punk who spent an inordinate amount of time and energy entertaining young children.

In a recent email exchange with MLE officials, Davekos confirmed that he’ll be in San Jose on Saturday to compete at the last Nathan’s Famous qualifier of the 2009 circuit. He also stated he believes he has what it takes to win the contest, his third attempt at a Coney Island berth.

Davekos may be right. It appears he will face the limited wrath of Big Brian Subich and Double O Kevin Ross. Subich, a football coach, recently downed 20 hot dogs during a loss to Wing Kong. Double O Kevin, a moderately sized man who can dead lift 185 lbs, has not been terribly active on the circuit of late, but did make the Coney Island Classic last year by downing 17 HDBs.

From what we’ve seen in ’09, it will take more than high teens or low twenties to beat Davekos, who consumed 29 HDBs in Denver. For that we turn to other San Jose registrants, Nasty Nate Biller and U.S. Male. Biller posted a personal best of 25 in the rain at Shea Stadium, only to leave the stage in such haste that he abandon his trademark Foster Grants (what was the urge?) U.S. Male, the disputed crawfish champ, was only able to down 20 HDBs in AC and this likely puts him cheek to jowl with Subich.

So, for the record, there are three or four eaters challenging Davekos in his quest for July Fourth glory. But the spot light remains on the garlicky greens eating champ of Boston who will approach the stage hungry yet full of desire.

Davekos lost Denver by just one dog and it’s that devastating loss that has propelled this determined father of two to San Jose. His fans are hoping this Greek drama is not a tragedy.