Nathan's Among 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live

Robert Tuchman, a die hard sports fan, recently authored a book titled "100 Sporting Events You Must See Live." The Nathan's Famous International July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Championship is among these events -- ranked just below the Masters but well above the Australian Open.

For the Fourth, Tuchman provides the following tips:

For those who believe that a hot-dog can be eaten most successfully when
you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner, there is an upcoming sporting event
that will be sure to tickle your fancy. Every year, amidst the
traditional 4th of July celebrations (fireworks! cookouts!), there is a
different kind of event taking placing in Brooklyn: Nathan's Hot Dog
Eating Contest.

Robert Tuchman, a crazed sports fan and successful entrepreneur,
inspired by his love for both cookouts and sport, has insider tips for
anyone attending the eating contest. Tuchman's recently published The
100 Sporting Events You Must See Live ranks the top sporting events all
over the world, with Nathan's Hot-Dog Eating Contest coming in at number

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, you should try to plan your
trip to the eating contest now as every year the event draws thousands
to Coney Island.

Competitors vie for a chance to win the Nathan's Mustard Belt, a trophy,
two cases of Nathan's Famous Hot-Dogs, and a gift from a sponsor. If
you plan on attending the eating contest, be ready to stand in line for
twenty to thirty minutes to get your very own Nathan's Hot-Dog. It is
definitely worth the wait!

Nathan's is perfect for those looking for free things to do on the
weekend. This may be the only free event among Tuchman's 100 Sporting
Events You Must See Live. For those on a tight budget, spending only a
few dollars on a fantastic hot-dog at a world-famous event is not too

Whether you are coming from in or out of state, plan to get there early.
In past years there has been limited visibility outside of the front and
middle rows. [In 2009 there will be a massive jumbotron to increase crowd enjoyment]

If you are, in fact, coming from out of state, there are plenty of
accommodations that would be ideal for the weekend. The New York
Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge is ideal for business types and leisure
travelers. It is located right across the river into Manhattan.
Another great hotel is the Soho Grand-this is great for anyone looking
to be lost in the aura of the fashion, industry, culture, and nightlife
of Soho after a long day of hot-dog eating.

The contest is relatively short, so you will have plenty of time to explore Coney Island (don't forget the Coney Island Freak Show or the Brooklyn Cyclones games!) and Manhattan.