Reeves Rocks Rudolph

Jim Reeves, the pride of Buffalo, snuck down to Harrod, Ohio and placed first in the Rudolph Foods World Pork Rind Eating Championship that took place on Saturday, June 13th. Gravy Brown was the odds on favorite going into the event, but the Chicagoan had his hopes of competing dashed when one of the wheels of his car literally fell off during his drive to the competition.

Reeves, who perhaps benefited from the absence of Gravy, downed an impressive 11.32 ounces of pork rinds in 8 minutes for the win. John Palmgren took second with 10 ounces even, and third went to newcomer Steve Stone who consumed 8.07 ounces.

Gravy Brown never made it to the event, instead he spent the day in the cab of a heavy tow truck, sipping a Slurpee and dreaming about the celebrity that will engulf him once “I’m A Major League Eater” airs on national television.