Nathan's Charlotte, Nathan's Denver

On June 13, there were two Nathan’s Famous qualifiers. The first was at the Concord Mills Mall in the Charlotte, NC metro area. It featured a trio of northeastern eaters including Nasty Nate Biller, Big Brian Subich and Wing Kong Collins.

There were also some Charlotte eaters including Pierre Abry, Derek Comford and Jeffrey Chapman. Georgia was represented by Super Paul Bonebreaker Bigmouth Barlow and South Carolina sent Richard “Low Country” Foley.

A close match ensued but in the end Philly’s Wing Kong edged out New York’s Nasty Nate. The final result was Wing Kong in first place with 23 HDBs. Nasty Nate nearly forced an overtime, but was credited with 22.5 HDBs, and Big Brian took third with 20.

Later in the day, the final Sam’s Club Qualifier took place in Denver. This was another close event with a much improved Pete Davekos downing 29 HDBs, his personal best, to take second behind Mongo Marquez who consumed 30 HDBs. Third place was a tie between Jimmy Mares and Brian Beard who both at 18.

With just three qualifiers left in the 2009 tour, Eater X Janus is the only man to post 50 HDBs in a 2009 Hot Dog Eating Contest. This is an incredible accomplishment yet it’s causing little buzz.