Sonya Dedicates Norfolk To Carson

Sonya Thomas may be known as The Black Widow, but those who know her understand she is a genuine and sweet individual. Sonya is fierce competitor with a tender side, and, as she reports below, both characteristics will be on display Saturday at the Nathan’s contest in Norfolk.

“I would like for everyone to know that I am dedicating my Norfolk Qualifier for Nathan's this Saturday at MacArthur Center to Carson "Collard Green" Hughes,” said Thomas. “Collard Green and I both started eating competitively with the IFOCE in 2003. It was always my pleasure to be in his company, and in my heart of hearts I thought of Collard Green as a brother. So this weekend’s performance is for my competitive eating brother, whose memory is always with me.”

Sonya is not alone in her affection for the late Collard Green. He was a spirited and friendly man, who smiled reflexively and ate with dignity. Sadly Carson Hughes, native Virginian, passed away in December of 2008.

Major League Eating, in honor of Sonya’s dedication, has announced that the first weekend of June will be “Collard Green Weekend.” Carson Hughes will be recognized with a moment of silence prior to each of the weekend’s three MLE events.

“I found Carson to be a very kind, gentle person with an unquenchable desire to compete and win,” continued Thomas. “He never took anybody or anything for granted and he had the highest regard and dignity for his fellow competitors. His child-like enthusiasm for, and appreciation of, the sport of competitive eating was second to none.”