Kobayashi Back on Top at P'Zones

Takeru Kobayashi of Japan beat his arch-rival Joey Chestnut in the Pizza Hut P'Zone Chow-lenge by eating 5 3/4 P'Zones in the six-minute all-you-can-eat title match held during SpikeTV's Guys' Choice Awards at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.

Chestnut jumped ahead quickly, but Kobayshi fought back in the second minute and took the lead, maintaining it thereafter. Chestnut ended with 5 1/2 P'Zones and said that he never got into his rhythm during the contest.

Kobayashi and Chestnut walked down the red carpet with stars including Brad Pitt, Halle Barry and Dwayne Wade. The event will be broadcast on June 21 on the Guys' Choice Awards on SpikeTV.