Juliet Beats U.S. and other Males

Juliet Lee won the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating contest that took place at the Beach Bar of the Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City today.
The fit, belly baring mother of two banged down 30.5 Nathan's Hot Dogs and Buns in 10 minutes, electrifying a crowd of nearly 1,000 with a new one-bite stuff.

In second place was Pat Philbin with 26 HDBs, and in third was Allen Goldstein with 23.

The Beach Bar was packed for the event, with eating fans coming off the boardwalk and beach to kick off summer with the contest.

Top-tier eaters at the table for this event. Steakbellie, Wild Bill, US Male, Double BB Seiken, Jim Reeves, Wing Kong and Pete Mierniki among others.