Shredder Vs. Davekos

It's too bad Pavoratti is not alive to witness tomorrow's Patriot Place Nathan's Famous showdown between Allen Goldstein and Pete Davekos. The famous tenor was a huge eating fan and this is exactly the type of match up he'd favor - one with geographical and Puccini-esque undertones, one that includes hot dogs.

On one side is the flavor of the week, Pete Davekos, a former bodybuilder who goes by the name Pretty Boy. Davekos is Bostonian, a Red Sox and Patriots fan. On the other side is Allen Goldstein, a protege of eating legend Cookie Jarvis and a massive hair metal fan who goes by the name Shredder. Goldstein is a Long Island boy, a Mets and Jets fan. Both eaters are evenly matched.

"Pats vs. Jets? I'll take the Pats. Sox vs. Mets? I'll take the Sox," said Bob Gilman, an MLE Fan from Hingham, MA. "But Davekos vs. Goldstein? Well that's not as easy."

Davekos needs the win and he will be eating on his own turf. Goldstein wants the win and he will bring a tough, blue collar sensibility to the contest. The Shredder doesn't bother with niceties, he doesn't pull punches. Call Goldstein what you will, just don't call him Pretty Boy.

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