Records for bologna, beans, pickles

Amazing victories today at the IFOCE title rally at the Downtown Atlantic in Brooklyn. The rally, overseen by Hungry Charles Hardy and Cookie Jarvis, featured five one-on-one title matches.

Allan Goldstein achieved an impressive win over Gus Shaffer by eating 2.41 pounds of bologna in six minutes. Gus consumed 1.82 pounds of the sliced chicken and pork lunch meat.

A bragging rights battle between Krazy Kevin Lipsitz and Beautiful Brian Seiken then ensued. The two pickle eating experts sought to determine the uncontested title holder and Seiken won the day by eating 2.70 pounds of kosher dills in six minutes as Lipsitz ate 2.47 pounds.

Great Scott! Soifer and Crazy Legs Conti faced off in a french-cut green bean eating match. Legs showed signifcant vigor and intensity as he consumed 2.71 pounds of beans in six minutes, topping Soifer's 1.93 pounds. Both eaters looked good throughout the match.

Don Lerman then KO'd professional baseball player Leon Justice Feingold with an amazing six pounds of baked beans in one minute 46 seconds. The victory shocked the entire crowd, which was expecting the gurgitators to eat about six pounds of beans in six mintues. Feingold is currently in try-outs for some professional ball clubs and his mind may not have been in the match. But nonetheless, Lerman's speed was dazzling.

The main event, a nine-minute title match between Sonya Thomas and Eric Booker, was a dramatic and grueling affair. Results will be aired on Animal Planet's Most Extreme -- we will alert fans to the date when it is set.