California's GrATE America

Joey Chestnut won the first annual Funnel Cake Eating championship at California's Great America today by downing 5.44 pounds of the flavorful treat.

In second place was Pat Bertoletti with 4.78 pounds. Third place goes to Mr. Humble who ate 4.12 pounds. Erik the Red consumed 3.56 lbs for fourth, Double O Kevin took fifth with 2.82lbs, Nasty Nate took sixth with 2.63 lbs. Kirbs took seventh with 1.24 lbs, Jason Beals downed .97 lbs for eigth, Lily Pham took ninth with .61 lbs and Khoa Nguyen came in tenth with .33 lbs.

"It's been said before but it's worth saying, no one could ever dream a place like California" Jay Farrar.