Title Rally

The IFOCE will hold a three-event title rally leading up to title match between Eric Booker and Sonya Thomas. The eye-opener of an event will take place at 9 am on Saturday, February 21, at the Downtown Atlantic Restaurant at 364 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

Scheduled one-on-one title matches include Great Scott! Soifer versus Crazy Legs Conti, Don Moses Lerman versus Leon Justice Feingold, and Beautiful Brian Seiken versus Krazy Kevin Lipsitz.

This amazing undercard leads up to a highly anticipated match-up between Eric Booker and surging Sonya Thomas, who recently wowed the world with her prowess in wings. It is likely that Booker will take Thomas on in cheesecake -- but in a 12-minute match rather than a traditional six-minute match.

Food for the other events may include steam cauliflower, baked beans and steamed spinach. To attend, please email request to