Bertoletti Wins Stroehmann Sandwich Slamm

St. Patrick Bertoletti, the Irish Italian American kid from Chicago, won today's Stroehmann Sandwich Slamm, corned beef on rye, eating championship by downing 16 3/4 sandwiches in 10 minutes. Bertoletti took home $5,000 along with the title.

In second place with 15 1/2 Stroehmann Rye Bread with Corned Beef sandwiches was Joey Chestnut who secured $2,500. In all, $10,000 was given out to competitors in the contest, a veritable who is who in Major League Eating.

Third place went to Bob Shoudt (13 sandwiches); fourth place went to Eater X (12 1/2 sandwiches); fifth place to Hall Hunt (11.25 sandwiches); sixth place went to Juliet Lee (10 3/4 sandwiches); seventh place a tie with Pat Philbin and Crazy Legs each eating 7 1/2 sandwiches; ninth place to Mike Stringer (6 sandwiches), and tenth place to Beautiful Brian who downed 5 and one half.

Badlands Booker rapped but didn't eat. Also in attendance was Nasty Nate who mistook one of Philbin's buddies for Dog the Bounty Hunter. Dog was not in attendance but it's apparent that it's more than rumor that Gabe Kaplan was up in the joint.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Stroehmanns and Major League Eating.