A Rugged Off Season Nears End

It's been three months since Major League Eating has held an open, officially sanctioned eating contest. In this time the nation’s largest financial institutions have crumbled, our big three automakers have fallen desperately ill, an NFL team with a 9 and 7 record has made the Super Bowl, and Jessica Simpson has been photographed filling out jeans that are alarmingly similar to those favored by former eater Dale Boone.

This is scary stuff. What lies ahead? Well, Major League Eating doesn’t want to find out. We feel it’s time to right this ship we call America and the only way to do this is to kick off another year of gustatory excitement. So begin we will.

MLE is pleased to announce that on February 24th the off-season will come to an official end with the first-ever House of Blues Fat Tuesday Crawfish Eating Championship at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City. The League is also prepping a St. Patrick’s Day event in New York City, the Stroehmann’s Rye and Corned Beef Sandwich eating contest, which is set to occur on March 16th.

As always, April will heat up with MLE stops in Stockton, CA, New Orleans, Myrtle Beach and West Palm. New this year is a Funnel Cake Eating Championship at California’s Great America. It will occur in Santa Clara, CA on April 11th.

These and other events will soon be open for registration. Keep an eye on this site for details and other breaking news. And do yourself a favor, Google “Bacon Explosion,” it’s perhaps the greatest Super Bowl snack ever conceived.

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