Collard Green Dies

Collard Green, a bitter vegetable-eating specialist from Newport News, Virginia, whose given name was William Carson Hughes, Sr., died on Friday, December 26, 2008. He was 49 years old.

Collard Green, a jovial and energetic person, was beloved by those who knew him. He was known for his positive outlook and his love for his family. He ate in collard green contests, and competed in the Natahn's Famous hot dog-eating circuit.

A technician at National Welding, Collard Green is survived by his wife, Tereasa, and his four children: Jessica, Carson, Jr., Clayton and Amanda. Hehad four grandchildren: Dallas, Jacquie, Paris and Jacob.

MLE Chairman George Shea said: "To me, Carson was a virtuoso, unchalleneged in his ability to consume bitter greens. To watch him eat was to watch Picasso paint. To all of us -- eaters, fans, family and friends -- he was a truly decent and open-hearted person who will be remembered long into the future simply as "Collard Green."