Juliet Wins Krystal Nashville, League to Huddle

Juliet 'The Lovely' Lee won today's Nashville qualifier amid a controversy that swirled around excessive debris. The contest ended up in a first ever three person Krystal Square Off off. Juliet, Badlands Booker and Dr. Bigtime participated in the three way overtime and all were presented 10 Krystals. Juliet consumed hers first for the win.

The fastest-rising female eater since Sonya Thomas, Juliet Lee maintained a five second dunk throughout regulation but pre-chewed so aggressively the judges had difficulty determining her final count. Many fans and eaters alike questioned the outcome. Judges determined that the eat off should occur.

Major League Eating has announced it will hold an an impromptu conference call this evening to consider the adoption of a new rule to eliminate confusion in future contests. While the Sheas are expected to be on the call, the league is still trying to confirm the participation of Commissioner Hungry Charles Hardy.

Prior to the contest, Badlands Booker did a four song rap performance that energized the large Nashville crowd. Erik the Red, US Male, Wild Bill, Nasty Nate, and Pretty Boy Pete Davekos all competed. Newcomers Andrew Wong and Steve Larson also stepped up to the big kids' table.