Krystal ’08 Kicks Off in a Big Way

The 2008 Krystal Square Off circuit is here, and the Chattanooga-based company has stepped up to the plate in a big way. With a record prize payout of $50K on the line and His Humbleness Bob Shoudt breathing down the neck of 2007 Krystal Champ Joey “Jaws” Chestntut…it’s on.

FSN South, the nation’s largest regional sports network, will telecast the Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship live from Chattanooga, Tennessee. FSN South will also televise weekly updates, beginning August 23rd, from the eating competition’s seven-city qualifying tour, where Major League Eaters do battle for one of the twelve coveted spots in what insiders are calling the most spectacular contest in competitive eating history.

"The opportunity to partner with Krystal in this truly Southern event featuring internationally recognized competitors is a natural fit for our respective brands and reinforces our commitment of localism for the community we serve," said Jeff Genther, senior vice president and general manager of FSN South.

Competitive eating fans are already abuzz with the drama of the ’08 circuit, where it seems like anything could happen. Joey beat Kobe on the 4th but then Kobe slaughtered Joey in Singapore, Humble Bob took Joey at the Ash Creek rib contest, and voracious gurgitators like Deep Dish, Eater X, and the Black Widow are always waiting in the wings, ready to pounce.

If the traffic on competitive eating blogs is any indication of the enthusiasm for this showdown, it’ll be a doozy. Everybody’s talking about this one:

BellyBomb16 said, “I kant (sic) frickin wait! It’s goin off in Chattty!!!!!! Joey’s gonna do it for U.S.A!!!!!”

And AkwaFresh, a competitive eating-themed rapper from Yonkers, NY with a loose affiliation to Badlands Booker, said, in rhymed couplets:

“The Krystal Square Off is off the chain
It's now 2008 and Kobayashi’s back again
And what about Shoudt, the humble one
Like they say in Chatty he's gonna git urr done
We could go knives yo, we could go pistols
Just hurry up dude and give me some Krystals
No time to be nice, no time to be tactful
My belly's growlin bro please give me a sackful"

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