Finally, SPAMŽ!

The IFOCE will hold a SPAMŽ-eating contest on Saturday, April 3, 2004, as part of SPAMARAMA., a culinary cultural festival in Austin, TX, featuring a host of SPAMŽ-centric events.

SPAMARAMA., to be held at Waterloo Park at 403 East 15 Street in Austin, will include SPAMŽ JAM, SPAMŽ COOK-OFF and official SPAMALYMPIC. events such as SPAMŽ Toss, SPAMŽ CRAM and SPAMŽ Call

.SPAM enthusiasts travel from around the world to this amazing festival,. said John Booher, better known as the Wizard of Austin. .The addition of the world.s top eaters brings an even greater degree of sophistication to already celebrated event..

Additional details on the eating contest will follow.

SPAMŽ is a registered trademark of the Hormel Foods Corp. for luncheon meat. SPAMARAMA. is a trademark of the Hormel Foods Corp. for the annual festival in Austin, TX. Hormel Foods Corp. has no financial or legal association with the SPAMARAMA. Website.