Judge Lerman

Don Moses Lerman will judge the 2008 Cannoli Contest at the Festa Di San Gennaro in New York City. The event is currently slated for September 12th.

Lerman is known for his discerning eye and discriminating palate. The former Major League Eating great held baked bean, jalapeno and matzoh ball eating titles during his illustrious career. Lerman's Glutton Bowl butter eating record has never been officially challenged so he remains the butter eating champion of the world to this day.

At last year's cannoli eating contest, Eater X consumed XXI cannoli in VI minutes. It was X's second straight cannoli title. The question on everybody's mind is whether or not X will go for the three-peat.

Another unanswered question is whether Cookie Jarvis, the original cannoli eating champ, will judge alongside Lerman. And if Cookie does attend, is there a chance Krazy Kevin Lipsitz could swing over to Little Italy to take a bow for the Lifetime Achievement Award he recently received?